Chimney Rock Park
Pirates' Lair K1200 Party
This ticket allows ONE entry paid by Pirates' Lair during the
hours of 12noon and 2pm on Friday June 8th, 2007

Free Food and Drinks will be served from 12 Noon till it runs out

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Note to the Dimwitted: This is a motorcycle event..Pirates Lair will NOT be serving alcohol for obvious reasons. If you have to ask why, you are probably a Harley rider.

Directions from Biltmore Estate : Exit the Biltmore Estate and take a RIGHT this is HWY 25 South or (Hendersonville Road). Take Interstate 40 EAST and get off at EXIT 53A (Bat Cave and Hwy 74A East). From the exit ramp go right, stay on 74A east for 20 miles and the park entrance will be on the right. Please note 7 miles down this hwy the road goes down to 2 lanes then another 3 miles it turns into a corner carver's heaven. This is one of the twistiest roads in the area. How curvy is it? Here's what just a small section looks like on my GPS..Click Here. Trust me.. you'll enjoy the ride in.

Directions from the Blue Ridge Parkway: Our exit is right at MM 385 . They'll be (2) Hwy 74 exits off the pky. Take 74East. Once you get to the end of the ramp you'll be on Hwy 74. Go 20 miles to the park entrance which will be on the right.

For those of you who own a G.P.S... Chimney Rock Park Entrance Coordinates are
N 35 degrees 26.395
West 082 degrees 14.919

Directions from Anywhere In Asheville: Basically if you can find Interstate 40 you can get to this party. Just use the above directions to ground zero. The exit is ALWAYS 53A off I 40. Drive 20 miles and the entrance is on right under some big stone arches in the tiny town of Chimney Rock.

Problems or Questions call Pirates' Lair at 828 628 7093 OR Chimney Rock at 828 625 9611.
Attendees will have run of the park for the day. Plenty of time in the park to enjoy some spectacular views including a 400+ft waterfall. Come relax.. hang out..become one with a burger. All makes and models are welcome!


Questions and Answers:
Q. If I get there a 1/2 hour early or after 2PM do I still get in for free with your party pass?
A. No.. the free pass is good for noon-2PM ONLY, however our early or late attendees will get a few dollars off the usual $14 fee..I suggest you make it at the designated times.. I wouldn't want to pay $11.50 to see me..or for a freakin' burger and coke.

Q. I want to bring a buddy or his cheatin' wife.. Can I print out more than one party pass?
A. Yes... You will need a pass for each attendee.. Two up riders will need two passes.

Q. Why won't you be serving alcohol?
A. That's a stupid f#@* question.. Did you go to school on a short bus? Motorcycles and booze don't mix, you moron.

Q. OK.. I arrive between the noon and 2PM time window... After the party can I hang around and/or visit the park?
A. Stay as long as you want.. Amber will leave around 2-2:30PM.. I'll probably hang around until 4-ish then head back to the Biltmore for the BMWRA Rally festivities..

Q. Will Amber be wearing panties?
A. No. She likes to feel the wind...

Q. Is the party "rain or shine"?
A. Yes.. We paid our doubloons up front so it'll happen unless earth experiences an E.L.E.. This time of year we should have perfect weather. However.. if it does rain we have a large covered structure that we can gather under.. Enough room for at least 200 people.. Relax.. stop being a pussy and just show up. Geezz..

Q. I'm a freak.. I mean vegetarian. Will you cater to my alternative eating habits?
A. Amber plans on having "alternative" food for non-carnivores. Potato salad, pasta, sticks, twigs, etc..

Q. How far from the RA rally site is the Chimney Rock party?
A. I'd guess about 23 miles total. The BMWRA Rally at the Biltmore is off I 40 at Exit 51. Exit 53A (the party exit) is just 2 exits down and then a straight (curvy) shot all the way to the party.

Q. Any time I get in close proximity to the Pirate I get the runs.. Will bathroom facilities be convenient?
A. Relax.. breath.. We've got your back..side. Foofoo fancy restrooms are less than 50ft from the party facility.

Q. If I'm lucky enough to find this place, remember to bring my Party Pass, and make it past the ticket booth... where in the park will the party be? Will I be able to find it?
A. Once you make it past the ticket booth, just follow the road into the park. We'll be about 100 yds or so on the left in an area called "the Meadows." We'll have a few Pirate flags waving at the entrance and you should see bikes sitting there.

Hope to see ya there... Pirate out...
Jerry D. Finley
/ Pirates' Lair