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Yamaha FJR1300 Stealth Backrest / Customer Comments

My name is Courtney Kelly and my husband rides a Yamaha FJR 1300AE. We needed to find a backrest for his bike and we were unsuccessful until we found Pirates Lair!
Having that backrest allowed us to go more places than we did before. We went to church (which for us, here in Las Vegas, is across town and involves mostly highway riding) AND we also went to other places. Once we reached our destination, I hold my helmet like a badge of honor because I can now go places on a motorcycle. The real reason we bought the backrest was because we are a part of the Christian Motorcyclist Association.
On Saturday, May 2nd we are going to take a ride into Beatty (which is about 90 miles one way!). We are participating in their biggest event called Run for the Son. We'll be able to do this very important ride comfortably. Thank you very much for this backrest. Thank you for your incredible customer service. Quickly after ordering the backrest, I received an email that you'd gotten our order. Within 24 hours, we received notice that it was being shipped. We were very anxious to get it and you were still patient with me when I called you wondering what had happened to it. :)
Thank you, Jerry, and thank your wife too for all that you do for the motorcycling community. God bless you both.    Sincerely...
Courtney Kelly / Las Vegas, NV / Yamaha FJR 1300AE

This morning the postman brought the package from the USA. Everything has arrived. The mounting of the backrest went well, and fits the engine. It is very solid material, with good quality and beautiful finish. I am very pleasantly surprised by the effect it gives on my FJR. I also want to thank you for the "kickstand pad", which always comes in handy. It was nice to do business with you, and now you have another customer from Belgium. The best yet for you, your employees, and the ones you love.
Johan Julien M Meus / Putte, Belgium / 2014 FJR 1300

Back on May 26th, 2009 I purchased your back rest, after looking at several other back rests.  Two of the main reasons I made the decision to buy your back rest was that it was detachable for my commute to work on my brand new FJR and tool free install in seconds so my honey can ride on week-ends. We could not be happier. It took a hot five minutes to put on and then take mama up the street.  The woman was speechless.......she was grinning to big to say anything but WOO-HOO go faster! She said after the ride that she felt safe and secure even when I punched it hard.  I really like the quality of your product and the fact that it is removable.  The Rhino finish is excellent and I wouldn't change that one bit. The only engineering improvement would be to add a hole in front and/or in back to accommadate different size riders.  Since she's itty bitty [all 100 lbs, 5' nothing] I'll be drilling out a hole to set the seat forward for her.  Other than that the back rest is perfect. It doesn't make ME horny but it does her.    She cuddles up and rearin' to go. No more bitchin' about not ridin'.  Thank you very much.  I'll be show boating this puppy and will be an un-paid sales rep for the Texas Gulf Coast.  Again my deepest regards AND thx for a reliable, quality made AMERICAN product. Customer for life.
Stephen Archer / Hungerford, TX / 2008 FJR1300

Rec'd back rest today @ 4pm. Installed on bike @ 4:05 w/o any trouble. Packaged well and instructions were easy to follow if needed. We went for a 30 mile ride and my wife is impressed so far. The height, width, and angle are spot on. This Sunday we plan on going for a longer ride and I will e-mail you Sunday evening with final results. So far, it looks like a keeper. The black vinyl that you used from the ST1300 is a good match to my leather saddle. FYI....If any one has a Russell seat and is curious if the backrest will fit, IT DOES! Thanks for allowing us to test your product!
Frank & Benita Bush / Lebanon Junction, Kentucky / 2007 FJR1300
Just got back in from dinner with Mike, his wife and another friend.   Mike and Stacey (his wife) did a ride up to the gym this am on the FJR, at least 7 miles each direction.  She said it was good all around and wouldn't change anything.  Support, angle, height, all good...   FYI,   she's about 5'0, mid 30's, knows how to ride and has ridden on the back of many motorcycles.  
Scott Townsend / Cape Coral, Florida / 2006 FJR1300
Installed backrest, easy as stealin' pieces of eight from a kid! Seriously, about 5 mins and it looks great, in fact one comment I had was "I didn't know Yamaha even made a backrest for that"? So... a compliment I'm sure! Judy and I took a short ride today Saturday 4/26 about 20 or so miles and she loved it! This is good for me cuz she's not as avid a rider as I wish so I'm sure this is gonna help!
1. Design is really simple and great, looks "factory" if that's a compliment to you? -
2. Everyone but me likes the "Rhino" finish, I'm not sure a nice gloss black or dark powder coat might be better?
3. Instructions excellent, simple and right on and really nice workmanship and materials -
4. Packing job was good and delivery time reasonable, like the tracking option. -
5. The material used for the pad is great, almost matches the stock FJR seat pattern.
Judy likes it, she said "it makes her feel much more secure, especially in the corners" One of the pics I hope you receive shows her and she is very vertical...good posture for riding but not sure if long trips might need a bit less vertical, it does flex a bit so probably no room between hand loop? Thanks for letting us test, it's appreciated..
George and Judy Ward / South Weymouth, Ma / 2007 FJR1300
My 10 year old son loves it. My cruiser has a sissy bar and is much slower, that is what he was uesd to. He had trouble keeping his feet on the pegs when we would accelerate on the FJR. We went on a short ride the other night and he said he could ride the FJR all day now. He said it is very comfortable, and he feels secure on the bike now. We both are very happy.
Scott Cook / Conroe, TX / 2007 FJR1300
The FJR Stealth backrest was just what I was hoping for. Awesome Rhino finish! Simple installation. You nailed it! Can't wait to enjoy some long term two-up riding. I got major wood uncrating the goodies.
Jeff Stovall / Charleston, Il / 2007 FJR1300
Jerry, On Monday the FJR Stealth Backrest arrived at our apartment club house. It took my husband 10 minutes to install !!!! Yeah. Took a ride right after and I liked the look of it and the pad wraps around my back really nice. I am 5'10'' and it fits in the middle of my back. I am very impressed. It was worth the wait. Thanks Linda
Linda Hjertstedt / 2008 FJR1300
Just received and installed my new backrest.  Sweet & easy.  I also like that the backrest material matches the stock 08 FJR seat almost exactly.  I’ve owned my FJR since Sept, and today, because of my new rest, my wife went for her first ride with me on this particular bike.  She said she loves the backrest and it hits her back perfectly.  She liked the bike to! So thanks for a great product!  It’s the best looking an best designed backrest out there for the discriminating JFR owner. Regards, Joe
Joey Ferguson / Pawleys Island, SC / 2008 FJR1300
Received the merchandise.  Works great, looks great, very finished and polished look, professional even! Some feedback;
1. Opinion on design?  Design is good, I like the encased sippercovered cushion portion. Smart idea.
2. Rhino Finish? Outfrickinstanding. If you didn't know the FJR1300 (regular model not the AE like mine) only comes in all black which matches the mounting plate you guys have for the backrest. I have the FJR1300AE which only comes in Silver Platinum with a different metallic black tank and silver wheels vice the all black wheels on the regular FJR1300. I bring this up because the contrast on that fantail looks absolutely great on mine because it is Silver with that Rhino finished mounting bracket you guys just created. Now I don't know but I would chance to say if you offered that bracket in a gray color, the guys that bought the regular FJR1300 would rather have the same contrasting color on the bracket. It just looks cooler man.
3. Instructions. They were so damn easy even an old retired Infantry Marine could not only understand them, but read them and execute them with no problem.
4. Angle of backrest. My kids, 13, 11, and 10 all said the backrest was great. "Daddio, I like it because now I feel like I won't fly off the back of "Charlotte" when we are riding".  Mamma (wife) said it was like a built in lumbar support/anti dump your girl mechanism. 
5. Any changes you'd like? Changes, no, suggestion would be to include a simple neoprene or some other rubber based washer like material pre-cut to match the bracket with 3    1/2 inch diameter holes lining up with the 3 nuts that are welded on the bottom of the plate. The nuts fit right into the holes and the rubber gasket like neoprene prevents any scraping of the Rhino lined plate on the plastic fantail of the bike. Saavy? I will take pictures of the one I made out of simple rubber cushioning material you use underneath linoleum flooring. I would offer the rubber gasket thing in two colors either black or gray depending upon which bike they have and which color plate they want if you decide to go that route.
NOTE: a Navy dude I know purchased the regular model FJR1300, not the cooler FJR1300AE like mine and decided to make his own backrest.  he is very ingenious and handy with the engineering mind. He used the bottom of an old swivel chair for the bracket, drilled three holes in the plate to match the holes in the fantail, and cut a nice piece of angle iron for the 90 degree "L" shaped bar that holds his backrest. He used the original headrest that was on the chair he scalped the plate from so it already automatically adjust to the angle of the rider. Not a whole hell of a lot of variation but it does self adjust to the rider . I will get him to bring his (inferior model) FJR1300 over to the shack and shoot some good pics for you to post.  I think he spent less than 30 clams building his backrest and painted it all flat black. The overall appearance is just OK, it doesn't look great like the Pirate's Lair one but hey he was in the Navy so what can I say?
Remind me to get the pics of mine and my Squid friend for the site. I will pass on the good info to the guys at Cal Coast Yamaha in Ventura where I stole the bike from.  there is a crusty old Viet Nam, one armed Vet in there as a salesman named Richard who knows everything you ever wanted to know about FJRs.  He recommended your site, had it on their 'favorites" at the shop, and said it was a good outfit so you better call him and give him some Kudos or maybe a discount on any backrests in the future. Later Matey
Mike Heath (MSgt USMC 8541 (ret) / Oxnard, CA / 2009 FJR1300
G'day ay,... As requested, here's some feedback..Just installed it.  Took 15 min!  Way too long...  Well OK, I do admit I was on my 2nd beer....
It was very easy to install, although the one criticism I'd have to say for the install is the tightness/accuracy in the lining up of the bracket onto the existing holes.  Otherwise, yes, a chimp can do this a hand tied behing its back. In response to your feedback request, here goes:
1.  The design is fine.
2.  Not too keen on the rhino finish.  It would absolutely look awesome on the FJR with a simple powder coat finish.
3.  Instructions were a chimp's best friend.
4.  No passengers yet, but my scantilly clad mate will certainly comment on wanting it adjustable someday...
5.  Make the bracket a nice black powder coat finish - or primer finish at a lesser cost.
6.  Indirectly makes me horny, as it attracts my mate.
Thanks for the superb and personalized service.  Delivery was prompt and without problems.  Pirate's Lair is an example to follow for all businesses, big or small. Thanks
Marcel St.Jean / Navan Ontario / 2009 FJR 1300

Note From Pirate: Actually.. there is a reason for the Rhino finish.. it covers a lot of ugly welds... In order to make the brackets perfect enough for powder coating, I'd have had to pay the machinists over $50 ea more to clean up the welds adding that much to the final cost BEFORE even paying to have them powder coated or painted which would add another $40ea to the final cost... I didn't think people would go for a backrest that expensive.. and do remember.. I sell the brackets without the Rhino at a discount for anyone who wants to clean them up and then paint or powder on their own..
Just installed the new Stealth backrest on my FJR1300, great design and I'm glad I picked the leather-grain finish cover. It matches my gel seat perfectly. Still not sure about the rhino finish, may go to black. My wife likes it, she feels more secure. I think the handling is improved because she is more "locked" in, I can be more aggressive in the twisties. Great product and will recommend to all. Thank you.
Mark Milanovich / Niagara Falls, NY / 2009 FJR1300
I got the backrest yesterday and installed it immediately.  Here's a little feedback..

1. Design matches the bike style/saddle material perfectly.  And the flat back color of the back matches the flat black portion of the hard cases on the bike. All other aftermarket backrests look BAD in comparison! This one enhances the look of the bike rather than detracting from it.  It appears to be simple and sturdy as well, crafted from good quality materials. The fact that it comes off in like 2 seconds is huge.
2. The Rhino finish is a good choice, considering that the mount will likely get chipped/scratched in time otherwise.  I am sure that people want to strap things on top of it and I have not seen a powder coat yet that does not chip. A durable, glossy powder coat would suit me if it actually stayed that way.
3. Instructions? Do people really need instructions to install this? They were very clear.
4. Angle is good; it remains to be seen how the curvature feels on a long ride for my passenger.
5. No changes to offer. I like the attention to detail in the materials choices. The brushed stainless of the spine works well with the rest of the bike � unlike the manufacturer approach, where they try to pair glossy chrome (pipes) with the flat colors of aluminum and stainless. Thank you for including high quality fasteners as well. 
Ken James / Colbert, GA / 2008 FJR1300
Wow! I just received the Stealth Backrest for my 2007 FJR1300. It took me a whole 7 minutes to install it and a few of those were locating the proper tools in my shed. It takes a 10 mm socket to remove factory bolts and a 5 mm allen to install your new 8 mm stainless bolts. A few observations already:
* Very impressed with the matching upholstery to the factory seat.
* I like the rhino lining coating. It fits snug and won't scratch anything.
* I chose yours over the other, even though more expensive due to the fact that your Stealth Backrest does position the backrest forward of the back hand rail. My wife and I felt like the other brand which proudly advertises the fact that it is behind the hand rail would put her too much in a leaning back position. She sat on the bike with yours and it fits her perfectly. She is rather small however at 5'4''. We will do a test ride later this afternoon.
* Another big plus is that you have a slide mount with a quick release for the backrest itself. This eliminates me from having to mess with unbolting the entire bracket just to take the backrest off. I am planning on just leaving the bracket in place all the time.
* I tested removing the slide out with factory seat on and no problem. If I remove it slowly it doesn't even touch the top of the seat.
* The best feature I like that you didn't mention in the advertisement was the fact that the mounting bracket actually slides just under the back hand rail. I think this will add to the overall strength especially when a passenger leans back on it vs just relying on the three bolts on the factory rack which you said includes plastic. It also hides the opening for the slide. Very slick! Sorry for being long winded but you wanted feedback. Thanks again for the prompt service.
Mark Damiens / Metairie, LA / 2007 FJR1300
Captain, I received my backrest today for my 2010-FJR1300. Your updates were better than those provided by the Post Office. At least their service was better than their tracking information. As to your questionnaire: - It was an easy installation that only took a couple of minutes (slicker than whale snot). I love the look and the “stealth” functionality. - The passenger “fit” works for my wife. - The “Rhino” finish is fine (don’t drive yourself crazy with options). - I’ll let you know if it makes my wife horny after she tries it out.
James Knipe / Bethlehem, PA / 2006 FJR 1300
I am very satisfy with the backrest i just bought, it was very easy to install and it's look great on my bike. The material you use is a perfect fit with the saddle. It was a pleasure to do business with you, the order, payment, delivery of the product whent just fine. I would recommend your CIE anytime. Thank you!
Ronald Chayer / Quebec, Canada / 2010 FJR 1300
Kind people - bought your FJR Stealth backrest / helmet bag combo from you and... it is a homerun!!
Douglas Whalen /Springfield, VA / 2010 FJR 1300
I got my FJR Stealth backrest and installed it today. Just wanted to drop you a note that it is awesome and would recommend it! Thanks again.
Jeremy Davis / Moses Lake, WA / 2012 FJR 1300
My FJR Stealth backrest arrived a week ago, but I've been away on business, and haven't had a chance to open the box until today. The backrest looks excellent, and it mounted perfectly. I grabbed my wife (the sometimes scantily clad Peta) and took her for her first ride on the bike. She loves the backrest, and says it's much more comfortable that my last bike. We are very pleased with the Stealth. On the shipping side of things, USPS was great. It only took a week to get here, and there were NO charges when I picked it up. Apparently the fee USPS charged included brokerage, duties and taxes. So I just signed for the package and took it home. I spoke to a friend at work who has done a lot of purchasing from the U.S, and he told me FedEx was a total rip off. He uses USPS exclusively. I thought you might find this helpful when talking to other Canadian customers. I'll be recommending your company to anyone who asks.
Mark Davis / London, Ontario Canada / 2012 FJR 1300

I received my new Stealth FJR Backrest last Monday (11 days to Canada and $65.00 custom fee ), ….Really easy to put the backrest holder in place. Even more easy to put on or off the backrest itself. I’ve tried it with my lady… result: she liked it and feels a lot more safety she said. She’s asking for more longer ride now!!  I have added a neoprene gasket made by myself inserted between tail bike and the backrest support to protect paint. Wasn't sure if your Rhino coating would protect it. Also drilled and tap one more hole to adjust the backrest to fit to the size of the lady (5’2”, 116 lbs). 
Claude Tremblay / Quebec,Canada / 2012 FJR 1300

Received my backrest yesterday. Great stuff! Very nicely built and matches the seat material on my 2013 FJR. Cost me over $500 with shipping and $70 custom fees! but hey... That's life. Thanks again! Good product and fits perfectly.
Louis Marceau / Quebec, Canada / 2013 FJR 1300
Received my backrest for 2013 FJR1300 Wednesday morning. Thanks.

Unpacking: 2 minutes.
Read instructions: 3 minutes
Get tools out: 1 minute
Install on bike: 3 minutes.
TOTAL from sealed box to riding: 9 minutes.

It is fantastic!  I was worried I'd have to maybe put some paint protection on the bike's rack, but the coating you have on the attachment is fine.  I am really impressed with the match of covering material to the factory seat. Nice touch! Thanks for the prompt service, great communication, and great product!
Geoff Falconar / Edmonton, AB , Canada / 2013 FJR 1300

Just got back from our Cape Cod/Martha’s Vineyard/New-Port Expedition on the FJR with your Back-Rest and we can not be any happier.  Sounds funny, but the biggest advantage we now have is my wife can take pictures why we are underway as she now has the support of the Back-Rest. The Back-Rest is the perfect height and width and it worked perfect with my Rear Bag, (Wife is Very Happy!!!!!!). Thank You Again
Craig Allhusen / Hope, RI / FJR 1300

We fitted your FJR Backrest for a swift ride yesterday (Sunday) of about 100km or so, just to give Flo the feel of the back rest. All is well, plenty support and the curve feels good round her back. Just nice! My mother (the WWNH - Wicked Witch of the Northern Hemisphere....) is here in holiday from the UK at the moment and when we got home, Flo threw her bike gear at her and said "get ready, you're next!" So I did a shorter run with my ma' on the back....77 years old and she loved it! Could have sat there all day, she reckoned....!! So, thanks for supplying a good quality, supportive and comfortable back rest for my bike....which also looks good, too!
Derek Wilson / Mandurah, Australia / 2013 FJR 1300
Jerry, I installed the new stealth back rest on my FJR 1300 (2013) and omg what a nice job you guys did coming up with this. Really looks awesome on the bike, the barrel bag is perfect as well, nice match with one another. Thanks for the fast delivery too , you guys rock! Thanks again
Ken Soto / Feeding Hills, MA / 2013 FJR 1300
Jerry I'm sending you a pic from my bike with the backrest installed in case you would like to post it ... The bike is a Black 2014 *ES* model. BTW I took my better half for a short rip and she loves it! She said it's makes her feel just as secure as our old Goldwing did! Now let's see if she feels the same way when I give her a ride with the bike in sport mode instead of touring mode ;)
Mike Cayen / Ontario, Canada / 2014 FJR 1300 ES
All good here. Backrest is awesome! My wife is much more comfortable now. Thanks for creating an excellent product. Can't think of anything to improve it. Happy Holidays!
Shawn Sisti / Killingworth, CT / 2012 FJR 1300
Don't change a thing. My girlfriend and I love it. The quality is awesome and you matched the look of the stock seat perfectly. I would order another one but I can only afford 1 bike at a time lol Merry Christmas to you as well!
Buck M. Stuckey / Mount Joy, PA / 2012 FJR 1300
Jerry the backrest is great ... the fit and the finish are awesome! The material are not only pleasing to the eye the match the bike perfectly! I love the looks and my wife loves the feel!. Thanks for the great product Jerry and Best Wishes to you and your family as well! Merry Christmas!!!
Mike Cayen / Val Therese, Ontario Canada / 2011 FJR 1300
Merry Christmas! Love Love Love the passenger back rest. My wife said with the back support it is a night and day difference in how comfortable our rides are now. The rhino coated mount has stayed on since I received it and looks great. No issues with the angle or height. I only mount the pasenger back rest when my wife rides. I truly appreciate the ease of installing and removing it.
William Baker Jr / Milwaukie, OR / FJR 1300

I love the backrest. Even better I don’t have to take off the seat to install or to take it off. It fit nicely in the saddle bags so I don’t have to worry about theives. Just positive feedback for your product Sir.
Maxime Courchesne / Quebec, Canada / FJR 1300

I have had the backrest on the bike now for 14000 km and it works as advertised. My wife likes the curved back pad and the fact that it is a little bigger than most backrest pads. I also like the way it looks on the bike. So all is good. Thanks again.
Wayne Hunt / Ponoka Alberta Canada / FJR 1300
Just received my Pirates Lair Stealth Backrest for my 2016 Yamaha FRJ and it is a thing of beauty. I was looking to make it easier and safer for my wife to ride with me and came upon your web site. I had some concerns about the upholstery and how it would look with the stock seats before placing the order. The installation of the bracket took a couple minutes as described in the included documentation. I could not be happier with the way it looks on the bike as it is an almost perfect match with the seats and the security it gives the Mrs. Thank you.
Jeff Tange / San Diego, CA / 2016 FJR 1300
Just wanted to let you both know that the backrest arrived last Monday. I was impressed with how quickly it arrived. I installed it the next day and my wife and I went for our maiden voyage on Wed. Right off the bat she was very happy with the this backrest. The placement and support is a big improvement over using the OEM top case/backrest in her opinion ( happy wife - happy life ). Thank you making this available.
Steve Plante / Cambridge Ontario, Canada / FJR 1300
Good afternoon Jerry, Received the backrest for the FJR earlier this week and got a chance to take it out yesterday with the wife. Love it! Excellent finish, backrest material blends almost perfectly with the stock seat covering, super easy install and love that it is easy to just pop off if i'm riding solo. Thank you again for keeping me up to date with the manufacturing delays, excellent customer service and being up front certainly made the wait worthwhile. Best of luck, have a great riding season!
Garret St. Onge / Whitinsville MA / FJR 1300