Some differences from standard key type locks in the adaptation procedure for the lock cylinder before installation in the lock. With the previous cylinder type, you would remove the tumblers and move them around to locations matching the indentations on the bike key which would make them flush with the body of the lock when the bike key is installed.

On the new foofoo key lock, the tumblers are not easily removable, according to my dealer's very good parts department. Apparently they are peened in somehow and if you attempt to remove the tumblers, you will probably damage the cylinder and make it unusable. I did not want to attempt to dismantle the cylinder, so I chose the easy way out, described below:

1. Remove lock cylinder from package. Note that all the tumblers (my word, may not be technically correct) are flush with the body of the cylinder when key provided with the cylinder is installed.

2. Remove provided key and install key from your bike. Some tumblers will be flush with the body of the cylinder, and some will be sticking out.

3. File down the tumblers that are sticking out to make them flush with the body of the cylinder. This is easy, as the tumblers are soft brass. You may have to push the tumblers out with a 1/16" welding rod, etc. to make the ends accessible for filing.Wipe off the filings, insert the cylinder into the lock, turn 1/4 turn, and you are ready to go. Lock cylinder will only go in one way, pretty foolproof, except that most fools are so ingenious.
Contributed from fellow rider.. Sir Robert Wenzlaff . Hope this helps...