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Kisan Sequential LED License Plate Frame K1200S Install

Getting slammed from the rear is my biggest fear... Feel me? The Kisan Sequential LED License Plate Frame just may make you live longer by making you much more visible to that cell phone using, french fry eating bastard flying up behind you in the 8 ton Escalade. Install is about as easy as it gets even for the mechanically disinclined. FYI.. the kit we sell fits virtually every motorcycle and comes with generic instructions for a painless install. I installed one of these on my 2006 BMW K1200S and I'm very pleased with it.. ! and yes.. it is 100% compatible with the EVO ABS and Can-Bus systems on the new generation S, R, and GT. so without further adeau.... Here's my humble How-To.

Parts/Materials Needed:
(1) Kisan Sequential LED License Plate Frame from Pirates' Lair ($125)
(1) pliers
(1) 18" wire
(1) Torx socket tool kit
(1) 1 beer (Imported only)

Step #1: Installing The License Plate Frame / Running Wires

This install is about a 3 on a 1-10 scale.. which is unusual when involving lots of wires. So don't freak out. Take your time. First install your license plate to your new frame. I put the (2) red spacers at the top between the plate and the frame. I'll assume that's where they are supposed to go.

Next you'll need to run your wires up through the frame/bodywork to the wiring harness you are going to tap into. (see pic at right). There are quite a few places to thread the wires through. You may need a flashlight.

Once you get all the wires up and easily accessible, follow the furnished color code wiring chart and tap into the appropriate wires. The ONLY wire that will NOT plug in to the rear factory wiring harness is the BLUE wire which is your hot/power wire.

Step #2: Running the Power Wire

Due to the fact that the Germans made the BMW K1200S, K1200R, and second generation K1200GT very complex bikes.. ..Kisan tells us there are only (2) places to tap for power in order NOT to muck-up the foofoo Can-Bus system.. The starter relay and/or the accessory outlet on the left side of the bike. Fortunately, the accessory outlet is very easy to access.

On the left side of your bike (the kick-stand side, doofus) remove the (2) screws that hold the accessory outlet cover on. Pull it back and you'll see (2) wires coming off the accessory port. A BROWN (which is the ground) and a RED wire with Green stripe..which is the wire you are looking for.

As the Kisan kit does NOT come with a wire to run from the rear of the bike to this port, you'll need about 18" of wire. What gauge?? I have no idea. Once you've procured your piece 'o wire, thread it through the frame from the port to the rear area, then splice one end to the aforementioned RED/Green wire and the other end to the BLUE wire coming off the Kisan unit.

Hot Wire Warning for the Clueless from Kisan: When you connect the blue hot wire to the accessory outlet pay close attention to the little tag that says DO NOT REMOVE THIS PLUG. According to Kisan tech support, the latest programmable version is very sensitive to the power surge that comes from the accessory plug so the blue power wire has a red cover over a resistor that solves the problem. There is a very small tag on the wire that advises not to remove it. Anyway, if you cut off the end with the resistor you eliminate the protection on the circuit and the power surge fries the brake lights. Instead... connect the wire from the accessory plug to the very end of the blue wire without cutting anything.

Step #3 : HOT WIRE HEADS UP!! 60 Second Auto-Off & Wrapping Things Up

OK.... Before you go in and neatly hide/zip tie all your wires, lets make sure you've got everything working properly. Turn the key on.. Check it out. You'll know soon enough whether you've done something wrong. If your gods are with you.. you'll be in the pipe 5 x 5. Now turn the key off and hide your wires... but wait!! You'll notice that even after you turn your key off the Kisan Sequential LED License Plate Frame will still be on!! What the f#%*!! Relax... this accessory port hot wire has a 60 second auto-shut-off timer on it. Your plate will turn off exactly 60 seconds after you turn your key off. You've done well. Sit back.. revel in your own magnificence and the fact that you will be much safer out there in the dangerous world in which we live and ride..