BRAKE! LED Taillight Kit Install How-To

Getting slammed from the rear is my biggest fear... Feel me? The BRAKE! LED Taillight Kit just may make you live longer by making you much more visible to that cell phone using, french fry eating bastard flying up behind you in the 8 ton Escalade. Install is about as easy as it gets even for the mechanically disinclined. FYI.. this kit fits every model year K1200RS/GT/R1150R! and yes.. it is 100% compatible with the EVO ABS systems. Here's my humble How-To..Images courtesy of the quasi-esteemed Rodney Harvey
Note: This install how-to shows the early version Brake Led Kit. The new version (after 6/1/09) look a little different... but install is pretty much the same.

Parts/Materials Needed:
(1) BRAKE LED Taillight Kit from Pirates' Lair ($125)
(1) standard phillips screwdriver
(1) small Phillips screwdriver
(1) 1 beer (Imported only)

Step #1: Removing Your Tail Light and Unplugging

First step is to remove the factory tail light cover.. It doesn't get any easier.. There are only (2) screws holding it on which are accessed by removing your seat. Take your trusty Phillips head screwdriver and remove the screws. Once you get these out, the tail light housing will slide off the bike .. straight back.

Once you slide the housing back and off the bike you'll see there are (3) wires plugged into the tail light bulb... Unplug these wires.

I think the instructions suggest that at this time you should plug the new LED kit in to make sure everything is working correctly.. just as a precaution. If you do this, make sure you are NOT staring right at the module.. it is ungodly bright and you'll see spots for 30 minutes... Trust me.

Step #2: Remove the Factory Bulb Socket

.Simply twist the bulb out of the housing.. put it away for a rainy day.

Time now for a beer or a joint and a little silent introspection before we proceed.. or not.

Step #3 : Inserting the LED Board & Adjusting the Modulator

OK.. First wash your freakin' hands.. You want to limit the amount of prints, mucus, peanut butter you could get on the actual LED's during this part of the install. Have both a small Phillips screwdriver handy AND the (2) furnished tiny screws.

This would probably be the best time to decide if you want your LED kit to flash.. or not. Read the furnished instructions for an explanation. It involves setting the tiny switch on the circuit board. It takes all of 2 seconds to set. The default is a flashing light which then goes solid. I left mine at the default setting and this is what I recommend.

Take the circuit board and carefully slide it into the housing through the bulb opening. It may take a try or two to figure out the correct angle and it is tight.. Very tight, but it will fit. Be careful NOT to tear off the ribbon as it is necessary to complete the install. If the ribbon comes off.. you'll be up s#@%'s creek.


Step #4 : Final Install

Once you get the board inside the housing.. you'll need to focus as the next part requires a little finesse. What you have to do is pull the board flat against the back of the housing with the ribbon. You'll be able to see the 2 screw holes in the circuit board. Now take the (2) furnished screws and run them through the outer round board and into the inner circuit board. Just get one screw started and then work on the second. It make take a few minutes but you're almost done. Make sure the LED board is straight inside the housing.

Once you get the two screws started.. tighten them up... but for gods sake use common since!!!!
or you'll break the board.. and you know what that means.. You'll be calling us and whining about your little disaster... and I'll have to belittle you on the phone KNOWING that you didn't read the instructions.

Once you get the (2) tiny screws in and tight, plug the (3) factory wires in to the appropriate (3) prongs on the round board as it shows in the well written furnished instructions.
Color Codes:
Gray/Black wire is the tail light
Gray/Yellow is the brake light
Brown wire is the ground

Replace the tail light housing, and you're done. Revel in your own magnificence and the fact that you will be much safer out there in the dangerous world in which we live and ride..