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MRA K1200S / K1300S Windshield Customer Comments

The MRA Touring "S" windshield is pretty good quality. It does cut the windflow down at highway speeds, but not as much as I expected. The top is extended several inches higher than stock and unsupported in that area. Also, I installed the top trim, per the instruction, even though the windshield looks better without it.. Both the tint and the additional height give added shade to the instrument panel, making it easier to read, depending on the sun angle. Cosmetically, it looks pretty good from all angles, except it is a bit plain-looking when viewed directly from the front. As I make frequent good use of my Passport 8500, I think I would have opted for the racing version of the windscreen if it had been available when I ordered, but all-in-all this windshield is a step up from the stock BMW screen.
Paul Boyer / 2005 K1200S / Park City, Utah

Just got back from a ride on my KS and wanted to let you know my thoughts on the Vario windshield. I didn't have a pillion rider, so can‚t say for sure about the backseater, but the windshield definitely reduced the turbulence at my helmet. You're not supposed to adjust the louver while you're riding, but I did anyway, at least through a few positions. It makes a difference, though I didn't have enough time to experiment much with it. I have the granite gray bike so the windshield looks better than stock, and I believe it functions better than stock. Another plus: because it shades the LED display, it‚s slightly more readable in bright sunlight, which is a huge improvement over not readable at all.

Follow Up 10/22/05: I bought the windshield hoping to accomplish two objectives: minimize the turbulence to my pillion rider (my 16 year old son who is 5'9). We had a chance to take a 3,200 mile ride in August, and I was interested in his opinion of the S versus the KGT (my last bike). More than anything else, on that long ride he noticed buffeting to his helmet to a greater degree than the GT. I had the laminar lip on the GT, so that probably made a difference. The second objective - more of a hope - was that I'd be able to read the display a little easier in the sun since the shield is smoked. I'm happy to report the windshield scores on both fronts. My son and I went for a ride today, and I didn't say anything to him beforehand because I wanted to see if he noticed a difference without being asked. At the first stop, he volunteered that he's getting no buffeting other than the occasional crosswind that you can't do anything about anyway. He said it's a huge improvement. I noticed that the LCD display is easier to read in the sun - slightly. It's not a huge improvement, but it helps. I think the windshield looks better than the stock, and I now know it performs better too. Highly recommended.
Marty Conrad / 2005 K1200S / Carlsbad, CA .

Just wanted to update you on the MRA Touring Windshield for the K1200S. The stock windshield gives pretty good protection on the bike at most speeds, but the replacement MRA shield improves on the OEM screen at all speeds. The screen itself is much sturdier then other aftermarket screens I've used on my Yamaha R6 (double bubble). This screen is more attractive then the OEM screen and comes with a nice rubber trim piece that completes the look and gives the impression of a more expensive screen. Installation was a breeze and took no more then 15-20 minutes. The wind deflects up another couple of inches from the stock screen and hits me (keep in mind that I'm only 5'7") right at the chin. It protects my whole chest and upper arms. I got caught in a storm and was doing 70mph and didn't catch a drop of rain on my chest. The light tint is nice and the screen is distortion free! This is great if you are traveling at a high speed and wish to tuck down completely out of the wind. The touring screen I had for my K1200RS had a lot of distortion and always gave a strange look to the road. I was traveling a bit over the posted interstate speed limit (for testing purposes only) and the MRA had very little vibration. Not much more then the stock even though it extends several inches above the OEM screen. This should be a mandatory purchase for all of those K12S owners.Best wishes and ride safe.
Mike Heflin / 2005 K1200S / Cape Coral, FL
The first thing I noticed when I got my 2006 "S" (besides the butt-ugly taillight) was the poor aerodynamics of the factory windshield. I'm 5' 7 1/2", BTW.. The factory shield put the air/turbulence dead center of my faceshield so now amount of ducking down or raising up would alleviate the problem of noise and buffeting. Was afraid I'd just have to live with it until we got some evaluation units of the MRA windshields from Germany. All 3 versions supposedly offer better protection than stock so in theory..where can you go wrong..?? While I have not yet tried the race or vario version, a few days ago I installed the Touring version and I must admit.. the difference is like night and day. The wind now hits at the very TOP of my helmet and just sails over. Noise has been reduced by at east 80%... I am impressed. As for looks.. while not as low as the factory shield, me thinks the touring version looks perfect on the bike.. not quite as sporty, but with the dark tint.. sporty enough for me... I'm VERY happy.
Jerry (aka Pirate) Finley / 2006 K1200S / Asheville, NC
The MRA touring windscreen is simply awesome. I love the graduated tint that starts from solid black at the bottom to dark grey or a lighter black . This is not really seen/mentioned in the promotional pics. The install on this was super easy compared with our previous RS/GT’s. Thanks again for all you do.
Cesar Blardony / 2007 K1200S / New York, NY
I rode my K12S for the first time since installing the MRA Touring windscreen I bought from you. HOLY SHIT. This puppy has outstanding aerodynamics. The wind hits my helmet while my chest and arms feel relaxed and well protected. Thanks!!!!!
David Cahn / 2006 K1200S / Whitehouse Station, NJ
I spent the weekend installing the V1 on your niffty mount and installing the new Vario windshield and clear lenses. I went for a brief ride today, Sunday, in 37F temps, to try out the new windshield. It is a big improvement over the stock shield with respect to wind protection once the spoiler is "dialed-in".
Peter Bartelli / 2005 K1200S / Chatham, NJ
Touring windshield is ‘da bomb’. Did a 100 miler behind it this past weekend, schweet; less buffet & noise. Looks cool too, highly recommend to all fellow K-men (oops, I mean K-persons)
Brad Baehr / 2006 K1200S / Colorado Springs, CO
I just installed the MRA touring windshield on my 2006 K1200S bumblebee. It looks great. I am 5'7", and even with the Verholen bar risers, the wind blast goes up over the top of me. The ride now is perfect, and the windscreen does not detract from the sporty appearance of the bike.
Steve Horrell / 2006 BMW K1200S / Roseville Ca
The MRA touring screen works great, huge difference. I am 6’3 and with oem I needed to tuck @90mph and now no need to tuck until 120 J A lot of wind pressure is off my chest and the noise level has come down a lot also. The helmet feels lighter. And the dark tint makes the speedos more visible in direct sunlight. 10 min install (unlike the light bulbs). Feel free to post that on your site as feedback if you want…
Julio F. Lopez / BMW K1200S / Rancho Santa Fe CA
Got the MRA Vario windshield installed on my K1300S no problem...I couldn't be more pleased! I thought it might look dorky with the deflector but no regrets there....plus when the warmer weather comes the deflector could be removed is one wanted to. ... Nice stuff.
Tom Towsley / 2011 BMW K1300S / Raleigh, NC
Latest addition, the MRA Touring shield via Cheesy Jerry. Love it. Looks great, nice smoked tint. My reasoning was to create a smoother bubble for the passenger, she was getting whipped around at, ahem, somewhat higher speeds. So far, good feedback from her, and from my perspective, it raised the wind blast from chin to the top of helmet. I'm doing 1000 miles next weekend to Missouri, so we shall see, but for now, thumbs up!
Chris / 2013 K1300S / Allen, Tx
Hi Jerry and Amber, I am really happy with my new MRA Touring windshield. If anyone 5' 8"or 9" with a 06-K1200S wants a recommendation, I will verify. Since the bike was set up when I bought it, if anyone is looking for the puig dark tinted racing windshield, let me know. I will never use it again.
Nick DiSabatino / 2008 K1200S / WILMINGTON, DE