What Our BMW K1200S/K1200R Remus Customers Are Saying....Customers Speak Out

Mr. Finley:...I talked with you earlier today about installing a Remus carbon fiber slip-on that I bought from your company. Everything went on just fine with about 20 minutes install time. The exhaust looks and sounds great. In fact, the looks alone are worth the price of the piece. I also removed the internal baffle and was very pleased with the sound and the db level. Very fitting for a performance motorcycle without being obnoxious. FYI, the Remus exhaust weighs about 6.6 pounds according to the old bathroom scale and the factory piece comes in just over 11. I did not reset the computer as we discussed, and I cannot feel/hear any adverse effects such as a low-rpm stumble. However, I did not dyno the bike before or after, so I cannot legitimately claim any performance gain, but the bike does feel slightly stronger, especially in the mid-rpm range.

Some notes about the install that you may want to post on your site:
1. Make sure that the muffler can does not contact the passenger footpeg mount. Have someone hold the muffler out of the way of the bracket while you tighten the clamps/brackets.
2. The factory front exhaust clamp bolt does not have to be completely removed, only loosened.
3. The new muffler bracket that comes with the exhaust mounts on the back (tire side) of the passenger footpeg exhaust mount.
4. The kit comes with a nut and a flat washer that is used to bolt the exhaust to the passenger footpeg exhaust bracket using the factory bolt/washer. For added security, I used a lock washer instead of the flat washer (both will not fit), or a dab of blue Loctite would be good as an alternative.
5. When installing the exhaust springs, use Vise-grips for a better hold and pull to the rear of the bike or have someone hold the bike. This will prevent pulling the bike forward on the kickstand and possibly causing the kickstand to fold up.
6. The factory exhaust clamp and bracket bolt are a 45 Torx.

I know that the above may be common sense, but they are not clear or are not listed in the installation instructions that came with the exhaust. I'll be sure to get some pics after I get the bike cleaned up tomorrow afternoon. I hope that I helped further the cause. Thanks for the great service and prices,!
Jason Dellinger / 2005 K1200S
I installed a complete remus exhaust on my K1200S what a difference. Only took about a hour, plus alot of money. Great web site I'll be back later to order everything.
Doug Lawson / Fairfield, CA
Hi Jerry and Amber...Just wanted to let you guys know that the “custom “ Remus system I got from you, (Ti headers and CF oval can) worked to perfection last weekend on a 500 mile “test” trip to lake George in the NY Adirondak mountains. I really like the Remus CF oval’s and it looks nice on my new grey S but wanted the weight reducing Ti headers so why not combine them right? This was probably a first for you guys no?

Here are my observations so far:
Sound: with the baffle on, its much louder than the exact same model (Revolution oval CF) that I got for my GT. I love it. Even at idle, the “brap, brap, brap” is amplified and is simply (performance) music to my plugged ears. By the way, plugs, more than ever, are a must now with this can. The incredible sound of the engine as the revs go up are something else. I only have 1500 miles so I did not take it to redline but anywhere I was on the rev range either accelerating or decelerating/engine braking, was enjoyable. The bike sounds nice with the stock pipes but with the Remus it just elevates everything.
Throttle Response: It has always been light quick and responsive with this bike, so no change there.
Appearance: Love the CF weave and end cap. Remus logo is different than on your website. I like mine better as it just simply states “Remus” on a riveted metal oval plate with a white background and no model name like Revolution or Innovation. The package comes with an extra rivet and set screw if you want to remove the inner baffle. Maybe one day I will do this to experiment, as you have to drill out the one in there now. Besides, it’s plenty loud as it is.
Your Customer Service: Excellent as usual. Received the one short box in a matter of days, (less than a week). Nice secure packaging. Headers and canister are packed separately and then placed in a shipping box.
Cesar Blardony / United Nations / New York, NY 10174
I just got my Remus Revolution K1200S Aluminum Slip-on installed Thank you so much for the advise on what to get. I am so glad that I listened to you and did not get the Staintune. I could not be more pleased with look and quality. Again, thank you so much for your wonderful service.
Darren Lukensow / Bloomington, MN / 2008 K1200S