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K1200RS/GT Stealth® Backrest Install

Before we go any further...in case you are unaware...you MUST have the complete BMW system hard-bag bracketry for this backrest system to work. Comprende? Good.. Lets proceed. I have designed this setup to be an easy install so minimum tools will be required. All you'll really need is a set of hex wrenches..however... unless you have lilliputian hands.. you'll need (1) 5mm "ball- end" hex key for one hard to get to bolt (circled in step#2). Sears has them as a set. Trust me... this small area of the bike was designed by Satan.
Step 1 : Bracket Removal

I will approach this as if you already have the factory brackets on.. so lets start by removing the system brackets and then the grab rail.
1. First..Remove your seat
Remove the (2) long left and right side black side rails. Pay CLOSE attention when you dismantle the seat locking mechanism. You'll have to reinstall when you are done.. Focus!
Remove the (2) rear black support pieces.
Hang on to the screws/bolts as you will need some of them on re-assembly.
Step 2 : Grab Rail Removal

1. You'll need to remove the rearward screws on the plastic side panels allowing them to swing out of the way before removing the grab rail.
2. Remove the (4) 5mm allen head screws that secure the grab rail to the bike. One of the rear screws is a bitch to get to (Circled) I found it necessary to use a ball-end hex key to get it out and then back in. Got mine at Sears.
3. Now, lift the grab rail off the bike.
4. Remove the (3) screws that hold the luggage plate to the grab rail.
You are now ready to install the Stealth bracket.

Step 3: Stealth Bracket Install

Note: I'll leave it up to you, but I would recommend using a drop of Blue Lock-tite on the screws you are about to install. The Stealth Backrest Bracket is designed to remain on the bike permanently.

1.On a soft area (as not to scratch your hardware) place the grab rail down..(screw holes up) with the luggage plate positioned on top. Install the supplied smallest FLATHEAD stainless screw in the CENTER forward hole using a 3mm hex.
2. Place the stealth bracket on top of the luggage plate.
3. LOOSELY install the furnished (2) long FLAT head screws on either side of the center screw you just put in. Now...while holding the factory support bracket(s) in place on top of the stealth bracket LOOSELY install the furnished (2) rear
BUTTON head screws.
4. Now you've got the Stealth bracket tentatively in place. Go ahead and tighten both the forward flat head screws while leaving the 2 rearward button heads loose. No need to torque them down. Just use common sense. Snug and a 1/4 turn should do.

Step 4: Re-Assembly

1. Re-install the grab rail to the bike. Start with the rear hard to get to screw (circled in pic#2) If you do NOT have a 5mm "ball-end" hex... may God have mercy on your soon to be frustrated soul..
2. Replace the rearward screws on the plastic side panels or replace the side panels if you removed them.
3. Re-install the lower screws on the side support brackets to the system bracket rails and try to remember how to reinstall your seat locking mechinism. I warned you!!
4. Now TIGHTEN the (2) BUTTON head screws on the rearward section of the Stealth rest bracket. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Snug with a drop of lock-tite should do.

Step 5: Backrest Usage

1. Slide the backrest all the way in. There are two positions. Full back... or one position about 1.5" forward (recommended for children passengers ONLY)
2. Lock it in using either the furnished 1/4" screw ..or the furnished Quick Release Knob. Only one screw is needed. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN. Snug will do.
Hope you enjoy it.

Warranty: Pirates' Lair will replace the Stealth bracket or internal hardware FREE of CHARGE for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase should your bracket or internal pieces break. As of this writing, I would assume that Sargent Cycle will warranty the upholstery portion as well. No need to keep your receipt. I'll have you on file. Just contact me if you encounter any problems.
Disclaimer: Please be advised that the backrest you are agreeing to install and use on your BMW K1200RS or GT has not been tested under EVERY conceivable condition. Every effort has been made to design a sturdy and durable product, but at this time.. there are numerous "real-world" variables that may or may not cause possible injury to passenger or rider or both. Please be aware that you are hereby forewarned as to these "variables" and by proceeding with the installation of said backrest, you are in effect waiving all legal recourse /rights in the event of accident caused by.. or damage inflicted upon..or contributed to... by the Stealthrest. In no case will Jerry (a.k.a. Pirate) Finley, Pirates' Lair or any other of the contributing participants be held liable for injury or damage (consequential or otherwise) resulting from or arising out of usage of the Stealth backrest by you or your passengers. The reader should recognize that motorcycling is a dangerous activity that can result in injury or death. You are hereby notified that, should you decide to proceed, you do so at your own risk. If you do NOT agree with all aspects of this disclaimer... please return the backrest and I'll gladly refund the entire purchase price (excluding shipping)