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Motorcycle Consumer News
Volume 36
Number 7
July 2005
ref. Page 22 Product Report

Stealth Backrest for Honda ST1300: A Review

To me, about the only major drawback to owning my new ST1300 has been the lack of aftermarket accessories available. For some unknown reason, even Honda seems reluctant to produce new goodies for bolting onto my steed. Not that I miss most of the stuff I might normally throw my money at, but one item is absolutely essential, as far as I am concerned, and has been, until now unavailable - a passenger backrest.

Enter my savior, Jerry Finley, at Pirates' Lair Motorcycle Accessories. Jerry has designed a passenger backrest he calls "The Stealth," because it can be removed in about 30 seconds, leaving my bike's beautifully aesthetic lines clean and uncluttered when I ride solo. And even when installed, I have to admit that the match with my bike's upholstery and hardware is so perfect you'd swear this was a factory part.

The Stealth is a patented design, made from stainless steel, that bolts directly onto the stock luggage rack on the ST, replacing the cheesy plastic cover on the rack with a heavy steel one. In addition, the new rack shelf is coated with "Tuff Stuff Rhino Liner," the ultra-tough, flexible liner material used to protect truck beds. The backrest pad is upholstered by the folks at Sargent Cycle, and its stainless mounting shaft slides into and out of the rack effortlessly, held in place by a single, easily-removable bolt.

It gives my wife all the support she's ever wanted, and gives me the peace of mind, knowing she isn't going to slide off the back if I twist the throttle a little too aggressively. In addition, I find the new rack cover secures my bundles much better than the stock one did, because the tacky surface prevent the load from slipping and sliding.

This is a very pricey unit, but the quality is also first-class quality throughout, with an unconditional, money-back, no questions asked guarantee from Jerry (less shipping). I installed mine, myself, in about 10 minutes. It's very simple - but don't try it without reading the excellent, yet brief, instructions first. Trust me. You'll lose a part and be frustrated for weeks.

Fred Rau / Motorcycle Consumer News