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Pirates' Lair is proud to offer our BMW customers the finest stands on the market... the legendary Pit Bull Stand.. Rather than ponder why the Germans didn't think you needed a centerstand.. stop your whining and do something about it. These US made stands offer easy one man operation without the fear of your $18,000.00 toy crashing to the ground when lifting.. Safe, secure.

The Hybrid One-Armed Rear Wheel Stand features a removable handle which allows you to use the stand with the handle going either forward or toward the rear of the bike. The handle can be installed going either to the front or back on the drive side, but on BMW bikes, you cannot use this stand on the non-drive side of the motorcycle. When installed on the drive side, it allows wheel removal. It offers great leverage and stability and the ball bearing head makes it easy to spin the wheel for cleaning and maintenance. The Hybrid Rear stand offers space saving for garage/display/work table/lift. Fits the K1300S, K1200S, K1200R, 08+ K1200GT, K1300GT, 2015+ R1200RS, R1200S, HP2, and HP2 Sport with single-sided swingarms.

The Forklift Front Forklift Wheel Stand also fits the K1300S, K1200S, K1200R, 08+ K1200GT, K1300GT, 2015+ R1200RS, R1200S, HP2, and HP2 Sport with single-sided swingarms.. It offers easy on-man lifting and the supreme stability. The easy-swivel mounts make it easy to lift, change the front tire, and/or for cleaning. The front lift has rubber coated securing mounts so your bike will remain unscratched.

Forklift Front Stand Options: 1. Keep one thing in mind when ordering the F0100-400 front lift.. Unlike the rear lift which can be used alone.. you can NOT use the F0100-400 front lift without either a rear lift or the optional BMW pivot plates. These will allow the front stand to be adjusted lower than our other front stands which will prevent the center stand from coming off the ground when you lift the front of the motorcycle. If you do NOT intend on buying a rear stand, I strongly suggest you buy the pivot plates. Without the pivot plates, the F0100-400 lift will raise the front higher and it'll come off the centerstand and the bike will fall. If you have a rear stand or are planning on buying one.. you do NOT need the pivot plates. Order accordingly. 2. The BMW Forklift stand is available with an optional removable handle for an extra $10. If you choose the removable handle option, you can even select a longer removable handle (3" longer) for another $5 which will increase your leverage considerably. This removable handle can be removed while the bike is up. Do I think a longer or removable handle are necessary? Not really. Email me if you'd like this option before or after order and I'll send you a paypal bill for the difference.

Note: This item will drop-ship directly from the manufacturer, bypassing us for quicker delivery. Expect about a week for delivery. Our prices INCLUDE ground shipping in the continental USA. Due to the size of the box, we can NOT ship this item internationally.

BMW K1300S, K1200S, K1200R, 08+ K1200GT, K1300GT, 2015+ R1200RS, R1200S, HP2, and HP2 Sport
Pit Bull Hybrid Rear One-Arm Stand $240.US (Shipping Included)
Pit Bull Front Forklift Stand $185.US (Shipping Included)
Pit Bull Front Forklift Stand with Pivot Plates Option $195.US (Shipping Included)