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Verholen 50mm Bar Risers.. Yes.. you guessed it.. another Pirates' Lair Exclusive! Tired of your hands going numb? Old as dirt? Back/neck problems? Pirates Lair has you covered. If our 85mm Verholen risers are a little too much.. their 50mm riser kit should be just about right striking a perfect balance of form and function. Don't want to lose the sleek appearance of the clip-on style handlebars on your BMW K1300S, K1300R, K1200S, K1200R, or R Sport but would like to bring the bars a little closer and raise them a bit? With these sleek German-made risers, the bars are raised by 50mm (about 2 inches) and about 1" closer.

Install, according to Verholen, is an easy affair. All the 50mm kits below.. K1300S, K1300R, K1200S, K1200R, and K1200R Sport include a pair of handlebar adapters, useless German instructions, and a clutch line extension. According to Verholen, the factory brake cable does not need to be lengthened for either kit. However.. we spoke to one customer who insisted that he needed a longer brake line. If you buy either of these 50mm kits and you think you need a longer brake line.. we usually keep those in stock as an option. I think 2 tiny holes have to be drilled for switch mounting, otherwise.. plug-n-play install for either kit. Obviously ..clutch fluid bleeding is necessary and probably best left to your local extortionist...er.. dealer. In case you are wondering... Yes they are compatible with Throttlemeisters. Why punish yourself one minute longer.. Leave that job to Congress. Fits every model year K1200S and K1300S including the HP.

For the 85mm K1200S / K1300S Verholen Riser Kit.. Click Here..

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One customer writes... "Thanks for the advice on the k1300s bar risers! The 50mm Verholen risers are AWESOME! I purchased the bike 6 months ago and I have been brutalized with the ergonomics of this machine. I actually have a Ducati 900ss and the riding position was more comfortable than the k1300s! I am 6’ with “ longer” arms and the grip position was just brutal. 20 minutes into my rides I could not feel my fingers and 45 minutes in, I had a serious burn and pinch between the shoulder blades. I could not get comfortable even after adding a seargent seat that dropped me an inch. I went with the 50MM risers and they are awesome. I rode the backroads of southern VT/NH for 4 hours yesterday and they made all the difference! No numbness in the hands and no pinch in my neck. I was also really concerned about balancing style with function and they look awesome. They are really well machined and look to be part of the bike. The tech who delivered the bike after they were installed did not realize they were not stock! Pricey undertaking with the risers and new cables but they paid for themselves on the one ride yesterday! Highly recommended and no need to go to the 85MM." T. McCarthy / North Hampton, NH

View of 50mm Risers On K1300S / Left Side ...
View of New Ergos of 50mm Riser Kit on K1300S ...

Verholen 50mm K1200S / K1200R / K1200R Sport Bar Risers with Clutch Line Extension $540.US (USPS Priority Included)
Verholen 50mm K1300S / K1300R Bar Risers with Clutch Line Extension $540.US (USPS Priority Included)