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Verholen 85mm K1200S / K1300S Bar Risers! Yes.. you guessed it.. another Pirates' Lair Exclusive! Tired of your hands going numb? Old as dirt? Back/neck problems? We've got you covered.... Don't want to lose the sleek appearance of the clip-on style handlebars on the mighty K1200S but would like to bring the bars 80mm closer? With these sleek German-made risers, the bars are brought nearer by a whole 85 mm or 3.34 inches. The operating mechanism allows adjustment in a circular arc, allowing the bars to be brought further forward or rearward. Could you ask for more? and BTW.. NO.. they will NOT fit on the "R" bike.. we tried.

Install, according to Verholen, is an easy affair. The brake and clutch cables on the 2005-06 K1200S do not need to be lengthened. I think 2 tiny holes have to be drilled, otherwise.. plug-n-play. This procedure takes about 1 ½ hours. The complete kit includes a pair of handlebar adapters and some genuinely pathetic German fitting instructions. In case you are wondering... Yes they are compatible with Throttlemeisters. Why punish yourself one minute longer... Fits every model year K1200S and K1300S including the HP.

The K1300S kit includes BOTH a clutch line extension and longer steel braided brake line hence the higher price.. Obviously.. brake fluid and/or clutch fluid bleeding is necessary..

For the 50mm K1200S / K1300S Verholen Riser Kit.. Click Here..

For Install Tips / Customer Feedback...
View of K1300S Kit From Rider Perspective...
View of K1300S Kit Right Side ...

Installation: The 2005/06 kits are simple bolt on affairs taking about 1.5 hours or so depending on how many beers/dubes you've had. In 19 out of 20 installs.. you will NOT need a longer brake line or clutch extension. However.. we've seen a rare case or two through the years were the customer did need line extensions. If that's the case... we'll have them for you. The 2007-08 model and K1300S require an hour longer install time. Why? Because a a longer brake line (which is included in the 2007 & later kits) must be installed. This is also the reason for the higher price. The complete 2007-09 kit includes a pair of handlebar adapters, instructions, a longer steel braided brake line, and in the case of the K13s kit.. a clutch line extension.. The top K1300S Installation link (above) should help. It was contributed by a customer after realizing that the factory instructions are total crap. Remember.. if you add a brake line it must be bled and that's a job best left to your local extortionist...er.. dealer... Lastly..With some.. not all Verholen riser kits, I think two holes need to be drilled for switch mounting. In those rare cases, Verholen tells us that the holes have to be tapped, but customers have told us this is NOT necessary.

K1200R Owners: No.. we do NOT sell the Verholen K1200R Riser kit. Why? Because there are cable issues which lead to inventory issues on our end. We'd simply rather not f#@* with them. Here's the deal. The 2006 K1200R brake line is different than the 2005 R brake line.. The bottom end of the 2006 brake line has a T-fitting where the 2005 did not. As there are no where near as many R's in the US as the S bike, it's simply not feasible for us to try to keep inventory of two different types of lines. If you have a K1200R and would like one of the Verholen Riser kits, we'd be glad to special order them for you. Just email me all the details and I'll contact you with pricing, etc..

2005-2006 Verholen 85mm K1200S Bar Risers $485.US (USPS Priority Included)
2007-08 Verholen 85mm K1200S Bar Risers & Brake Cable $585.US (USPS Priority Included)
2009-2016 Verholen 85mm K1300S Bar Risers with Clutch Line Extension & Brake Line $640.US (USPS Priority Included)