Click Images For Larger View... If You Dare
Click Images For Larger View... If You Dare

The Remus PowerCone, with it's innovative conical design, transforms the BMW K1200S and K1200R into Moto GP lookalikes. Slightly modified Revolution technology was used to enhance power and deliver a wonderful, thoroughbred sound.. the usual hallmark of Remus exhausts.

Pirates Lair offers three slip-on versions of the PowerCone.. Titanium, Stainless Steel, and a Stainless Steel with Matte Black (pic above right.) Expect a 3-5hp gain.. Also..the factory K1200S canister weighs a porkish 17 lbs. The stainless steel PowerCone weighs in at a waifish 4.5 lb and the Titanium a super light 4 lb.The ones we sell are the longest version... the 22" street version (pictured above right.) Unlike other Remus canisters, the Powercone does NOT come with a removable silencer.

Remus K1200S/R PowerCones (from Austria) are designed to lower the weight, increase performance, and add a deep throaty tone to your BMW K1200S or K1200R. We can always use a little more horsepower, less weight, and obviously.. a sleeker appearance. All Remus K1200S slip-ons (which come complete with connector pipes) will also fit the BMW R1200R and K1200R Sport. Each kit comes with a 24 month warranty..

Pic of Ti PowerCone on 2007 Blue/Silver/Blk K1200S
Dyno Chart for BMW K1200S with Remus PowerCone..
Remus K1200S / K1200R Customer Comments ..

Our PowerCone pricing includes a silencer, a slip-on connector (which is usually a $132 option when purchased from other vendors) and shipping within the continental US. When price shopping.. keep this in mind.

Note from Pirate: "I have had both the Remus Revolution Carbon Fiber Slip-On and the PowerCone on my 06 K1200S and I'd guess the PowerCone is about 15-20% louder than the Revolution with the baffle in. The Powercone is borderline loud. IMHO it's probably the loudest system available for these bikes.. Not obnoxious, but in some cases.. too loud for the meek. The Revolution is just barely louder than stock and was almost too quiet for me.

I'd also guess that the PowerCone is about 2 lbs lighter than the Revolution and is quite a bit smaller. As the PowerCone is "cone" shaped, once it's on it looks more upswept for a very cool, clean visual effect."

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